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34.354.268 Ltda Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife

34.354.268 Ltda Boa Idade Park Hotel Recife – A guiding light of kindness and caring shines brightly in the bustling city of Recife, tucked away in the charming state of Pernambuco. The Park Hotel Boa Idade, run by 34.354.268 LTDA and registered under CNPJ 34.354.268/0001-43, is a safe refuge for senior citizens seeking long-term care.

The Federal Revenue Service has categorized this extraordinary institution’s significant activity as 87.11-5-02 – Long-term care institutions for older people. It was founded on July 29, 2019, and is dedicated to offering exceptional services to older people.

The 34.354.268 Ltda Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife currently has an active registration status, reaffirming its commitment to improving the quality of life for its senior population.

Understanding Park Hotel Boa Idade

Understanding Park Hotel Boa Idade

A Glance at CNPJ 34.354.268/0001-43

The Brazilian version of a tax identity number is the CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurdica), primarily used for legal entities. It acts as a vital business identification, assisting the government in monitoring their operations and tax requirements. The Park Hotel Boa Idade owns the CNPJ 34.354.268/0001-43, which attests to its legality and dedication to legal compliance.

A Brief History

Since its establishment on July 29, 2019, Park Hotel Boa Idade has become well-known and respected in the neighborhood for its commitment to offering superior long-term care for older people. It has quickly established a reputation as a dependable and caring facility that attends to the particular needs and wants of its elderly residents.

Location: Recife, Pernambuco

It is no accident that the Park Hotel Boa Idade is situated in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. Recife, renowned for its stunning beaches, diverse culture, and warm climate, makes a perfect location for an institution serving older people. Both residents and their families will feel at home in this lively city thanks to the kind inhabitants.

Park Hotel Boa Idade’s Core Activity

According to the Federal Revenue Service, Park Hotel Boa Idade principally conducts business under 87.11-5-02. This code lists “Long-term care institutions for the elderly” as its primary activity. This designation highlights the facility’s dedication to meeting the unique requirements of older adults and safeguarding their physical, mental, and social well-being.

The Role of Park Hotel Boa Idade in Recife

The Role of Park Hotel Boa Idade in Recife

The Park Hotel Boa Idade’s presence in Recife goes beyond just giving outstanding care to older people; it also involves making several contributions to the neighborhood.

1. Employment Opportunities

For locals, the institution offers employment options. It employs a qualified and varied workforce, which benefits the neighborhood economy and opens up job chances for those in the healthcare and hospitality industries.

2. Community Engagement

The Park Hotel Boa Idade is actively involved in the neighborhood. It frequently sponsors occasions and activities that unite locals, their families, and the larger area. These encounters foster a sense of community and help close generational gaps.

3. Knowledge Sharing

The organization contributes to disseminating knowledge in the area of aged care. It works with organizations and local healthcare professionals to share best practices, senior care-related research, and information.

Experience the Ultimate Comfort at 34.354.268 LTDA Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife

Comfort is more than just a word at 34.354.268 LTDA Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife; it’s a way of life. This hotel in Recife, Brazil, provides some of the city’s most excellent lodgings because of its attractive design and first-rate services.

Each room and suite is carefully decorated to offer visitors a cozy and welcoming environment. The unmatched attention to detail reflects the hotel’s dedication to going above and beyond for its guests. No matter how long you stay, you’ll feel at home at 34.354.268 LTDA Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife.

Personalized Service In A Boutique Hotel In Recife

The distinctive quality of 34.354.268 LTDA Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife is its individualized service. The hotel ensures that each client receives individualized care by maintaining a guest-to-guest-to-staff ratio of 1:1, making their stay as comfortable as possible. This distinguishes it as a well-regarded boutique hotel in Recife, renowned for its friendly atmosphere.

The welcoming staff will attend to your needs as soon as you arrive and welcome you. The multilingual staff is always available to help, whether you need advice on the top restaurants in Recife or aid with making a tour reservation.

When you reserve a room at 34.354.268 LTDA Park Hotel Boa Idade in Recife, you can count on a relaxing and customized stay you won’t soon forget.

Services Offered at Park Hotel Boa Idade

Services Offered at Park Hotel Boa Idade

1. Accommodation

Senior citizens can stay in the secure and comfortable Park Hotel Boa Idade. Seniors can feel at ease in the facility’s cozy and inviting setting, which is its primary goal. Every amenity required for a pleasant and happy stay is provided in the rooms.

  • Comfortable and Convenient

The hotel’s rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished with Wi-Fi, a minibar, and air conditioning. Thanks to this attention to detail, every visitor is guaranteed a convenient and enjoyable stay.

  • Exploring the Local Delights

The Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife is conveniently located near Shopping Guararapes and Praia de Piedade Beach, only a short drive away. Visitors may leisurely tour the bustling city thanks to its handy location.

2. Healthcare Services

At Park Hotel Boa Idade, tenants’ health and well-being come first. The facility has qualified medical staff on staff that offer around-the-clock treatment. Also, this covers managing medications, prescriptions, and support with activities of daily living.

3. Nutrition and Dining

The Park Hotel Boa Idade is aware of the need for proper nourishment for elderly citizens’ health. The restaurant serves wholesome, mouthwatering meals that skilled cooks create. Special dietary restrictions and preferences are considered to guarantee that each resident’s unique needs are satisfied.

4. Recreational Activities

The Park Hotel Boa Idade offers guests various leisure opportunities to encourage an active and joyful lifestyle. These pursuits are intended to enhance both physical and mental health. Something fascinating is always going on at the site, whether it is art workshops, gardening, or group activities.

5. Social Interaction

Senior citizens can worry about social isolation. As a result, the bon idade recipe for 34.354.268 Ltda Park Hotel significantly promotes interaction with others. Residents can socialize with their neighbors, meet new friends, and participate in worthwhile pursuits.

Impeccable Service and Hospitality:

Impeccable Service and Hospitality:

The 34.354.268 Ltda Park Hotel Boa Idade’s dedication to providing first-rate service and genuine hospitality is one of its distinguishing features. The attentive and welcoming staff goes above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and satisfy their needs. However, every interaction is characterized by friendliness and professionalism, from tailored guidance to timely room service.

The Best Of Recife At Your Fingertips

Some of the city’s most well-liked tourist sites are nearby while you stay at our hotel. Boa Viagem Beach may be explored, the city’s dynamic culture can be experienced, or you can laze around and enjoy the breathtaking beauty. Although, thanks to our excellent location, everything you need to enjoy the finest of Recife is nearby.

So why are you still waiting? Discover the top hotel in Recife by booking your stay at 34.354.268 LTDA Park Hotel Boa Idade. We’re sure you’ll have a memorable visit because of our opulent accommodations, faultless service, and fantastic location.


In Recife, Pernambuco, the 34.354.268 Ltda park hotel boa idade recipe, which has the CNPJ number 34.354.268/0001-43, symbolizes hope and compassion for older people. It is a respected institution in the community because of its active registration status and dedication to offering long-term care.

Park Hotel Boa Idade enhances the lives of its residents while also enhancing the neighborhood by providing a variety of amenities, encouraging independence, and developing a feeling of community. Institutions like Park Hotel Boa Idade are essential pillars of support for elders and their families when aged care is paramount.

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Is it possible to make reservations online?

A: Yes, booking a reservation on our website is simple.

What conveniences are offered in the room?

A:  Our rooms have various facilities, including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and upscale toiletries.

Do You Have Parking At The Hotel?

A: Yes, we provide parking for visitors on-site.

Do You Have A Fitness Facility?

A: Our visitors are welcome to use the fully-stocked fitness facility during their stay.

Does the cost of a room include breakfast?

A: All visitors receive a complimentary breakfast from us.

Can I ask to check in earlier?

A: Earlier check-in is dependent on space. For additional information, kindly get in touch with our front desk.

Does The Hotel Allow Pets?

A: Pets are regrettably not permitted at our hotel.

Is it Possible to Cancel a Reservation?

A: Yes, you are free to cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the time you are supposed to arrive.

What Time Do Check-Ins And Check-Outs Take Place?

A: The check-in and check-out times are 3 PM and 12 PM respectively.

Do Any Restaurants Surround Here?

A: The hotel is close enough to stroll to several restaurants.

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