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Apple Watch 7: What features does the new Smartwatch have?

Apple Watch 7 has been on the market since October 2021. But what can the new Smartwatch do? Here you can read about the functions of the Watch 7.

All technology fans looked to Cupertino in October 2021 with great interest. Apple introduced the latest products, such as the iPhone 13*. iPads and iMacs were also presented, but the Apple disciples still had to wait for the iPad Air 5. But with the Apple Watch 7 Series, the tech giant now has a new smartwatch in its range. What can the Watch 7 do? What features does it offer? Here you can find out everything about the new Smartwatch.

Apple Watch 7: What Features Does The New Smartwatch Have?

With Apple Watch 7, you’ll experience the largest and most advanced Always-On Retina display. Compared to the Watch 3, the new Smartwatch offers 50 per cent more. In addition, the display area is larger than the Apple Watch 6 or the Apple Watch SE. Still, the watch isn’t much more significant than its predecessors. The case remains unchanged at 45 or 41 mm. However, the margins will reduce by 40 per cent. In addition, the keys in the system will revise so that typing is much easier.

Despite the new display, the Watch 7 is also the most robust Apple Watch of all time, according to the US company. The 50 per cent thicker front glass is shatterproof, and thanks to the IP6X certification, the Watch 7 is also protected against dust. In addition, the Smartwatch can also use in water (up to 50 m).

The Apple Watch Series will equip with numerous health values and measurement data since the 3rd generation. With the Apple Watch 7, you can measure the oxygen content and take an EKG at any time. The EKG app can detect signs of atrial fibrillation or an abnormal heart rhythm. Sleep tracking will also include in the new Smartwatch.

Many Users Also Like To Use A Smartwatch As A Fitness Tracker. Here, too, the Watch 7 offers a complete range of training modes and maximum motivation. New: Tai Chi and Pilates. With Apple Fitness+, there are new workouts every week, from 5 to 45 minutes.

More functions and a larger display – does that come at the expense of battery life? Clear answer: no. The Watch 7 promises up to 33 per cent faster charging than the six versions, thanks to the optimized charging architecture.

In addition to the innovations and optimizations, the Apple Watch 7 – like its predecessors – is equipped with the essential functions for everyday life: Apple Wallet, music playback, taking calls and reading messages, and the map app.


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