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Hcg Diet : How It Works

HCG Diet – On the HCG diet, women are injected with the pregnancy hormone HCG. The body is supposed to be fooled into thinking that it has to take care of a fetus and reduce fat reserves in the hips and thighs. Find out here whether the HCG diet is a joke or really helps.

What Is The HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is a metabolic diet for women and has been around for a good 60 years. It was developed by the English doctor Dr. developed by Albert Simeon. Back then, he injected his patients with a daily dose of HCG. This is a protein hormone that the body produces during pregnancy, the so-called human chorionic gonadotropin.

By artificially administering the hormone to the body, he is led to believe that he has to take care of a fetus by reducing the fat reserves on his hips and thighs.

Overall, the diet lasts up to six weeks. In addition to the daily hormone dose, the HCG diet drastically reduces energy intake to 500 kilocalories per day after a high-calorie phase. Due to the strict regimentation, the pounds are supposed to tumble – thanks to HCG, specifically on the legs and hips.

However, the extreme reduction in calories can lead to nutrient, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, among other things. In addition, the risk of a yo-yo effect is high. In addition, the diet has not been scientifically proven.

Various authorities and institutes advise against the HCG diet or even warn against it. The pregnancy hormone is certainly not a panacea for losing weight.

What Exactly Is HCG?

HCG is a protein hormone naturally produced by the body of expectant mothers and is responsible for maintaining pregnancy. It is also used therapeutically to treat infertility.


Drugs containing HCG are not approved for weight loss. Among other things, the American food and drug authority FDA and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) warn against slimming products that are offered on the Internet.


In addition to injections, various manufacturers now also offer HCG drops, sprays or pills, some of which only contain the hormone in homeopathic doses. Globules with the corresponding hormone are also available.

Hcg Diet: How It Works!

The HCG diet plan extends over a period of up to six weeks. HCG is supplied daily from the start.

HCG Diet: Loading Phase

In the first two days you must eat as much as possible – preferably high in fat and calories. The goal: saturate the body, build up reserves and awaken the desire for healthy nutrition. In this phase you eat up to 4000 kilocalories a day and drink three to four liters of water at the same time. Alcohol is not permitted during this time.

HCG diet: diet phase

The actual diet time begins on the third day. It lasts 21 days. During this time, sugar, fat and carbohydrates are forbidden and only 500 kilocalories per day are allowed.

A typical day during an HCG cure looks like this: For breakfast there is tea or coffee without sugar, for lunch there is 100 grams of meat (no pork) or fish and one type of vegetable on the plate. There is also a small pastry or a slice of toast and a handful of fruit. The same goes for dinner. The calories must be counted.

HCG diet: stabilization phase

In the third phase, the so-called stabilization phase, which lasts about three weeks, the calorie intake is slowly increased again. Now the foods that were avoided during the diet phase can be eaten again.

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