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National Health Business Group (Nbgh)

National Health Business Group (Nbgh)

Nbgh  Expand the coverage of the current system and encourage ownership

Organization Description:

The National Business Group on Health (formerly Washington

Business Group on Health) is an organization that broadly represents opinions on health care

Employer. NBGH consists of 245 members (mostly Fortune 500 companies) and identifies and

shares best practices related to employee health, wellness, and productivity. The organization also

promotes the development of a quality health and treatment system based on clinical efficacy data. Employer-members of the organization provide health care together

Insurance coverage for more than 50 million American workers and retirees.

Proposal Brief:

NBGH National Health Care Reform Plan Aims to Expand Access to Health Care

and value by creating private market incentives for coverage and increased efficiency.

NBGH believes in policies that require transparency, clinical effectiveness and less regulation

will help reduce health care costs. People need to play a bigger role in their own health

care seeking value and focusing on primary and preventive health care.

• Coverage:

The NBGH proposal emphasizes that individuals, providers, insurers,

Employers and governments share the responsibility to expand health insurance.

NBGH supports policies and public-private companies that encourage everyone to do so

have health insurance. These guidelines include:

o Expansion of new coverage options, such as high-deductible, account-based plans

Plans, Basic Benefit Plans, Tiered Network Plans, and Youth Plans


o Offer tax credits to those who are not eligible for public programs but

whose income is too low to purchase private insurance; Y

o Tax simplification to consolidate different types of health accounts in one

Health spending account that can be funded by employers and employees.

The NBGH proposal makes it clear that initiatives to improve access to health insurance must

promote, not hinder, the effective functioning of the private market. In addition the

The federal and state governments should not mandate employers to offer such

specific levels or types of health services.

  • Wellness and Prevention: NBGH’s proposal inspires the public to take personal contact

Take responsibility for your own well-being to prevent chronic diseases. also advocate

expand primary and preventive health care.

  • Coordination of care: The proposal would require the use of health services and programs

efficient care coordination and care management techniques to promote quality

and ensure patient safety.

  • Health Information Technology (IT): NBGH supports the implementation of a practical and safe system

nationwide electronic health info network, including electronic prescribing;

secure web-based access to patient info; and portable electronic health

Records. Governments should encourage efforts to ensure the interoperability of this technology.

NBGH does not have specific recommendations on how to achieve these goals.

  • Quality: The NBGH proposal would require comparative efficacy studies for the new

Health interventions as B. alternative treatment options. would benefit

evidence-based medicine in health services and programs. The proposal supports

Updated April 13, 2007

Adoption of performance and value-based purchasing policies to align payments

with the improvement of the quality of public and private information. would require a measure

and monitor medical errors and implement initiatives to reduce medical errors

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