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Warning: How To Spy On Whatsapp With Spy Apps

Whatsapp – A world without WhatsApp is unimaginable for many people these days. The messenger enables permanent chatting, the transmission of voice messages and the sending of photos and videos – all completely free of charge. WhatsApp is more than just an alternative to SMS and plays an important role in both private and professional life. Since for many people almost their entire life takes place via WhatsApp, it is obvious that others are also keen on the data transmitted via this messenger.In keeping with the adage “Control is better than trust” They use purported spy or surveillance applications to pry into their partner’s or coworker’s life. Below are five chapters about WhatsApp spying,

1. Reasons For Whatsapp Spying

Of course, there are many different reasons why you might want to spy on your counterpart. A distinction must be made between professional and private motives. First, of course, the classic suspicion of fraud comes to mind. If you used to hire a private detective to track down your husband or wife, it could now be enough to clarify the suspected case via WhatsApp spying. A look at the chat history of the partner is enough and you know where you are. It’s not the English way, of course, but the end justifies the means.

A Chance For Ignorant Parents

Maybe there will be greater tolerance for parents who are curious about their kids’ behavior. It is harder for parents to guide their kids in the right direction when they use social media. Spy apps are becoming more and more popular among the protected in an effort to see who their children are chatting with and whether they have deviated from the path.

Employer Versus Employee

Another area of ​​tension that hackers and marketers of surveillance software benefit from is found in the relationship between employer and employee. Of course, the boss has the right to know how his employee behaves during working hours. From this point of view, one or the other comes up with the (illegal) idea of ​​spying on colleagues. Is the employee really going to his appointment as discussed? Does he actually use his company mobile phone or company tablet for business tasks or does he use it privately? If, in the worst case, the boss even fears that an employee will reveal company secrets, WhatsApp espionage could bring light into the darkness.

2. What Forms Of Whatsapp Spying Are Possible?

Espionage is not the same as espionage! As in almost all situations in life, there are borderline cases. While one feels that his privacy is being disturbed because his chat partner knows when he has read his message, the other only goes on the barricades when one of the contacts gains access to other chat histories.

The fine line between analysis and espionage

To put it bluntly, the thesis can be made that WhatsApp spying started with the “blue ticks”. These serve as proof that the chat partner has read the message. However, such a feature should not be the tip of the iceberg: it is now even possible to know when the message was read and how long it took the person to reply. If at some point the location at the time the message was sent also made the rounds, all chat habits could be analyzed without any problems.

Access to chat histories, photos, videos & Co.

The increasing analysis of chat habits is espionage itself. For example, the “WhatsApp Sniffer” program is able to read messages from others in real time. The whole thing is not quite as easy as it seems (see point 4+5), but at least theoretically you get access to chat histories, photos & videos, even browser histories and GPS cell phone location.

3. Which Spy Features Are Important?

The answer to this question be contingent on what goal you have in mind when monitoring. As explained in point 1, there are various reasons that lead one to engage in WhatsApp or cell phone spying.

From blacklist to browsing history

If you browse the private area and want to take a closer look at your children, you may be interested in which apps the children have downloaded besides WhatsApp or which websites they visit. The option to create a blacklist for calls could also be useful. To catch an unfaithful partner in the act, other and more extensive functions are helpful.

4. How To Spy On Whatsapp?

You’re probably wondering how WhatsApp spying even works. Basically, it should first be pointed out that monitoring is only legal with the consent of the smartphone owner. In the subsequent we only point out the possibilities of WhatsApp spying, which you may only pursue with the consent of the person concerned.

Shared network as a requirement for sniffers

You’ve probably come across a program called “WhatsApp Sniffer”. With this program you can also receive and read messages sent by other users – in real time! However, such a sniffer only works if the mobile phone to be monitored has to be in the same network (WLAN). This condition could make sustained and full espionage much more difficult, or is it possible for you to ensure that you are close to each other at all times?

Install the monitoring software on the third-party mobile phone

The more reliable way would be to install a monitoring software on the cell phone of the person they want to control. There are countless versions that, once installed on someone else’s cell phone, ensure that all data is forwarded to a secure web account. With access to said account, nothing stands in the way of monitoring. The “FlexiSpy” program is one of the pioneers among spy tools. The highlight is that “FlexiSpy” “hides” the icon after installation – it is not visible on the desktop of the monitored smartphone. However, if you unconditionally need this function, you should consider whether your monitoring is actually legitimate. As already mentioned, the line is extremely thin when it comes to WhatsApp spying.

5. Protection Against Whatsapp Spying

There are many black sheep on the Internet and social networks who are either after your data or allow others to monitor you without your consent. If you want to put a stop to these hackers, you should basically stick to a few things and take security measures. The fact that you never have to look away from your smartphone (especially in public places) and protect it with a lock code is actually self-explanatory.

make arrangements

It becomes more difficult if you want or have to use an open WLAN. In principle, it is best to send your messages only via your own Internet connection. If this is not always possible for you, it is important to take appropriate precautions. This includes that you should never send personal information such as bank and credit card information and passwords via WhatsApp. Disabling online status can also help. So other users don’t know when they’re online. Location information should also be denied. Android users are advised to disable app permissions (make sure to backup first). In addition, you should always install the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger, which usually closes any security gaps – at least for a certain time.

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