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The Best Face Gym Exercises Against Wrinkles

Face gym – It’s strange. We exercise more or less obediently for a beautiful body, but we rely on all kinds of creams, fillers and botox for our face. We might even accept a facelift. But one thing is clear: muscles need training so that our body stays nice and tight for as long as possible. Of course, this also applies to the facial muscles. But fitness and powers for the face – how is that supposed to work? Sure, that’s possible. However, pulling a few looks now and then is not enough. Should approach The whole thing with a system like any other training.

All humbucker? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that? In 2018, a US study by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA, showed that an optical rejuvenation of three years is possible after just a few weeks. The bottom line, even with the help of a trainer, it’s cheaper than competing creams or the services of a beauty doc. You can read the most important answers to questions about Face Gym here:

What Is The Difference Between Face Gym, Facial Fitness And Face Yoga?

Whether it’s facial yoga, facial gym, facial fitness or some home-based facial gymnastics – many names ultimately describe the same thing: Targeted contraction of the facial muscles makes the corresponding parts of the face tighter. The effect: you look younger.

Where Does This Type Of Facial Training Come From?

Like so many other trends from the fitness and beauty world, facial yoga also spilt over to us from the USA. The idea behind it: We train every imaginable body muscle – from the small buttock muscles, the gluteus minimus for a firm butt, to the triceps to counter those dreaded wavy arms. Only the face was left behind.

Botox or a facelift have been the natural means of looking young for as long as possible above the neck. So training for the face will need. Yogis will recognize some practices- the matter has a far-reaching history. By the way, the Face Gym still makes sense if it has to be an operation. Because if you already have trained facial muscles before the cosmetic procedure, the initial rigidity of the face will disappear more quickly after the lifting.

Are There Any Scientific Studies On The Effect?

From a challenging scientific point of view, what are the face gym and its optically rejuvenating effect? So far, there have been hardly any studies on this. The most conclusive study will publish in 2018 in Jama Dermatology. The fantastic result: After 20 weeks of daily training, independent dermatologists rated the women participating in the survey as three years younger. The participants were all aged between 40 and 65 years. Initially, 27 women participated, but only 16 persevered and did the exercises for the study duration.

“The exercises enlarge and strengthen the facial muscles so that the face appears firmer and younger,” says study leader Dr Murad Alamfrom Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA. Studies with more participants are now pending to verify the results.

What Do Facial Yoga Exercises Do For The Face?

In a nutshell, regular facial gymnastics makes a face appear younger. The most acute effects in detail:

  • the facial muscles are better supplied with blood and strengthened
  • the connective tissue becomes tighter
  • the elasticity of the skin increases
  • Nutrients will transport better
  • the lymph drains better

When Do You See The First Effect Of Training The Face?

One thing in advance: it takes patience to see the effects of muscle training on your face. In the study mentioned above, the results will check after five months. But what happens relatively quickly in training: There is a positive feeling of tension in the face. So if you want to reduce expression lines, give yourself a few months.

How Often Should You Train With Face Gym, And For How Long?

Preferably daily, but at least every other day. How long the individual training session should last vary from person to person and depends on your condition and goals. A rule of thumb: Every workout should include at least one exercise for the entire upper half of the face and one for the lower half. Even five to ten minutes a day is a good routine.

Can You Get Sore Muscles From Face Yoga?

Can You Get Sore Muscles From Face Yoga?

Of course, you can also get sore muscles from facial training, just like learning a foreign language. Because: The muscles are challenged unusually. Also, actors, voice actors and singers can sing a song about that.

Fighting a double chin is an issue for many people.

Exercise 1:

  • lie on your back
  • raise your head slightly
  • Lower your chin towards your breastbone
  • For reinforcement, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth
  • Hold this position for about 2 minutes

This exercise strengthens the neck muscles, which counteracts a double chin. But unfortunately, our neck flexors are usually weakened by office work in front of the computer and frequent glances at smartphones and tablets. It now applies not only to older people but also to younger people.

Exercise 2:

  • Works standing, sitting or lying down.
  • Hold your chin against your fist for 30 seconds with your mouth open
  • then press fist against chin for 10 seconds
  • Nice side effect: The exercise also relaxes the jaw muscles simultaneously.

Exercise 3:

  • Stick your tongue out of your mouth as far as possible
  • Yogis will know this practice as the “yoga lion.”
  • The best Face Gym exercise against forehead wrinkles
  • First, this exercise only works if you have not had Botox injected a few months ago.

Exercise: 4

  • Actively frown
  • place your middle and index fingers on the right and left above the eyebrows and hairline at the same time to avoid expression lines
  • relax again after about 10 seconds
  • repeat a few times
  • The best Face Gym exercise against wrinkles under the eyes

Exercise: 5

  • Place the index finger on the edge of the eyelid perpendicular to the eye
  • then blink your eyes
  • You will immediately feel the muscles of the upper and lower eyelids working: crow’s feet have little chance.
  • The best Face Gym exercises against mouth wrinkles and sagging cheeks

It is one of the essential exercises because it also tightens the chin and neck.

Exercise 6

  • Press your lips together firmly in the middle,
  • try to open your mouth to the side,
  • hold this position for a few seconds, then repeat
  • Feel into your neck muscles with this exercise. Weak neck muscles are the main reason for sagging cheeks. Regular exercise can make your cheeks look firmer but not lifted. A beautiful décolleté will includ.

Exercise 7 –

  • Draw lips into the mouth so that teeth are covered
  • consciously pull back your scalp
  • the ears and temples feel slightly backwards


You don’t have to rely on Botox and Co. for a firmer face immediately. Instead, targeted, regular facial gymnastics can make a look appear years younger.

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