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12 Minutes Fitness And Balance Training

This is followed by a  15 second break , during which you can concentrate on your breathing.

Roll out the yoga mat and off you go – with the following exercises:

1. Plank To High Lunge For Fitness And Balance

From the plank , alternately move your legs backwards into a lunge . For more grip, it is best to spread your fingers when doing the plank.

2. Upward Plank For Fitness And Balance

Now go into reverse plank, fingertips pointing toward heels. You change your hips up and down, everything develops tense. Don’t put your buttocks down, keep the tension!

3. Knee To Chest – Soldier III (Right Side)

It goes into a standing position, the right knee pulls up towards the chest. The knee pulses up three times, then you stretch the leg back into the Warrior III, a kind of standing scale. Elasticity your arms out in front of you helps with balance and body tension.

4. Knee To Chest For Fitness And Balance

Now do the similar exercise for the other side. It’s not about speediness, it’s about body tension!

5. Bridge

Now you lie back on your back, the weight is on your heels and your hips are raised and lowered again – do not put your buttocks on the floor, but keep them just above the floor For Fitness And Balance

6. Heel & Heel Squat

Lea’s favorite exercise concludes: Sit deep in the squat and hold and enjoy the yoga exercise “Malasana”! The hands are pressed tightly together in front of the chest, so this also works properly. Then come back up into the squat and alternately pull your heels up.

You are now welcome to repeat the entire exercise sequence a second time – or as often as you want and can. This safeguards an energetic start to the day and serves as a short but holistic workout for in between!

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