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People Whoosh To Get Eco-Friendly Mosquito Bug Killer Bat?

Mosquito bug – It is truly a work of art with engineering that combines ease of use, durability and yet an eco-friendly product that offers endless possibilities.

Unlike other mosquito repellent machineries and coils, TOR Smart Whisk™ doesn’t release chemical fumes or smoke to get rid of them. This mosquito killer machine emits a glare-free light that is a beacon for those pesky insects and sucks them in as soon as they get close. It can be used in both a baby and an adult room.

TOR Smart Whisk™’s intelligent design is lightweight and made of durable, high-quality materials. TOR Smart Whisk™ racquet design, open face size: 9.8″ x 8.6″. It provides adequate coverage, making mosquito zap easier and more fun.

Ultimate Benefits of Getting Eco-Friendly Mosquito Bug Killer Bat

The TOR Smart Whisk™ offers a wide range of functional possibilities that allow it to help you quickly and conveniently in many different scenarios

Let’s Check What All Tor Smart Whisk™ Can Do!


A multifunctional charging station can be both a charger and a base for killing mosquitoes (at night). Plug and charge, built-in 1200mAh capacity battery, fully charged in 3 hours


USB charging makes it easy to charge and carry. You can use this electric mosquito swatter indoors and outdoors, bedroom, kitchen garden, camping, picnic, BBQ, etc.


Used as a mosquito swatter You can easily get rid of mosquitoes or flies as soon as they touch the 3000V electric grid.

Used as an Insect Killer The electronic TOR Smart Whisk™ uses a high-efficiency light to attract mosquitoes. Flies and mosquitoes, and the high-voltage grid electrocutes these insects instantly.


The purple UV light is famous for attracting flies and mosquitoes. The TOR Smart Whisk™ has the same UV light that silently attracts and kills flies if they approach it, giving you a mosquito-free night.


Don’t be afraid of shock! 2 outer insulating layers and 1 inner ABS protective layer do not allow current to flow and are resistant to deformation. It is safe for people if they accidentally touch the mesh.

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