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Apple Watch SE 2 Review

Apple Watch SE 2 is extra of an “essential” smartwatch – like a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt – keeping you in the Apple ecosystem and keeping you informed of the time on your wrist.

I recently went out on a rainy Saturday to meet up with a friend. It was raining so hard it was almost impossible to get my phone out of my pocket and the nearest metro station was a kilometer away. I raised my wrist, asked Siri to dial my boyfriend’s number, and spoke to him through my Apple Watch SE 2. That day, I saw the Apple Watch’s true potential and what it can do in emergency situations. While the second-gen Apple Watch SE is a more affordable wearable, it still has all the elements of an Apple Watch. So what do you get by the Apple Watch SE 2 and what are you giving up compared to the Apple Watch Series 8?

I’ve Spent The Last Week With The Watch SE 2 And Here’s What I Found.

Apple Watch SE 2 price in India: from Rs 29,900

Almost Identical Design With A New Back

From the front, the new Apple Watch SE 2 looks almost identical to its predecessor. It’s still available in an aluminum finish and in 40 and 44mm options. As before, there are both Wi-Fi and cellular options.

The new watch has a familiar design surmounted by a Retina OLED display, digital crown and side button underneath on the right and speaker grille on the left. But if we flip it on the back, there are subtle differences. The back has a new finish that closely resembles the Apple Watch case. The clock is available in Silver, Midnight and Starlight.

The new Apple Watch SE2 also fits all of the same size watch straps that came before it, so you don’t have to deal with incompatibility issues. The water resistance of the Apple Watch SE2 is similar to other Apple Watch models: it has a water confrontation of 50 meters. Simply put, you can go swimming while wearing the Apple Watch SE2.

The new model still feels light and contented on my wrist and looks premium. And that’s a great thing about Apple and how it designs its products.

I think most persons will be surprised at how comfortable the Apple Watch is. I can wear them comfortably for long periods of time, even at night while sleeping. Retail packaging includes the watch, strap, and standard magnetic charging puck. Fast accusing is still reserved for the Series 8 and the new Ultra model.

Smooth Performance Of Apple Watch SE 2 Thanks To The Latest S8 Processor

It’s so interesting to see that Apple has chosen the brand new S8 processor which is also powering the Series 8. According to Apple, the new chip in the Watch SE 2 is 20 percent faster than the first-generation Watch SE. The processing capacity upgrade not only makes the SE 2 faster in day-to-day use, but also contributes to longevity when it comes to timely software upgrades. Coming from a Series 3, you’ll immediately see performance improvements, especially when running a workout app or the weather app.

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