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4 Fitness Exercises That You Can Do Every Day Without Problems

Exercises That You Can Do Every Day Without Problems

1‍. Turn Housework Into Motion

Exercising at home starts with certain household chores to get fit and tone your muscles.

“Going shopping, carrying bags or packs of water, and climbing stairs: that takes a lot of strength,” advises sports health coach Joëlle Jolly.

What really matters is doing it with good posture. Keep your abs and glutes tight and your chest proud!

Vacuuming? Same goes for. Stand tall and really immerse yourself in it. Some good tunes will help you find the motivation you need to keep your groove going.

‍2. A Habit Of 10 Minutes Every Morning‍

Home exercise can also consist of a small set of exercises that you do for no more than 10 minutes each morning just before breakfast.

“You don’t necessarily need sophisticated equipment,” the coach continues.

“With a small 500ml bottle in each hand, stretch your arms out to the sides and move them in small circles to tone your biceps.”

The idea, like a coffee or a shower, is to turn those 10 minutes into a habit to start the day off right. You’ll be training muscular strength instead of cardio (because you’re short on time). You will also awaken each of your muscle groups.‍

3. Exercises Of Your Choice

Anaïs Sauvage, fitness and wellness coach, gave me some exercises that she recommends so you can train your muscles at home every day.

“Planks, a one-minute front plank and then a one-minute side plank, will work your entire body. And you really feel like when you do them…” Anaïs also recommends jump squats or “pedalo” (supported on the elbows). with circular movements with the legs). “If he throws a little, that’s fine,” smiles the coach. “Of course, people can choose their exercises according to the areas they want to tone.” Ending the meeting with a series of stretches will help prepare your body for the next day‍

‍4. Set Your Alarm Earlier!

The idea is to make time in your daily life for this moment that is just for you. These daily exercise routines (well, almost daily… let’s face it, I don’t breastfeed every day) may only last a few minutes, but if you repeat them daily, they will give your muscles a regular workout. “Just like drinking coffee, this moment has to become a habit,” says Joëlle Jolly. “You can also take the stairs in its place of the elevator. Motivate yourself once, twice, three times… This will soon become the norm.”

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