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Body Fat Percentage: These Values ​​Are Within The Normal Range

Body Fat – For women, a body fat percentage of less than 30 percent is considered normal. In men, the value should not exceed 25 percent.

For athletes in particular, a low body fat percentage is often an advantage in order to achieve certain goals. However, there are also limits here: A body fat percentage of at least 5 percent is essential for men and around 10 percent for women. If the value is lower, disturbances in the organism can result.

When Does Body Fat Become Dangerous?

The visceral fat that covers the organs produces more than 600 different hormones and messenger substances, some of which have pro-inflammatory properties. These can damage the organism in different ways. Possible consequences of a permanently high bodies fat percentage are:

high blood pressure

Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke



Children and young people in particular should not have a high  fat percentage. Because: Fat cells that develop in childhood and adolescence are no longer broken down by the person, they can only be reduced in size.

Reduce Excess Bodies Fat

In order to reduce bodies fat, you must aim for an energy deficit of calories. Eat a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regularly. A mixture of strength and endurance training is ideal for this. To avoid muscle loss, a protein-rich diet makes sense.

It is important that you do not consume more calories than you expend. These are stowed in the form of fat.

Also, make sure you get enough sleep and avoid stress.

Body Fat Percentage Vs. BMI: That’s The Difference

Body mass index (BMI) is the most common formula for calculating weight. In science and practice, it is an important indicator for weight recommendations.

However, it has clear weaknesses. Among other things, in contrast to the body fat percentage, he neglects the composition of the body mass: A complete non-athlete can be classified as healthier than an athlete with a pronounced muscle mass.

Nevertheless, the BMI is a quick and easy way to classify your own body weight.

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