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Body Fat Percentage: You Should Know!

Body Fat: This Means Body Fat Percentage

body fat percentage indicates what proportion of the body mass consists of fat. This depends on various factors such as gender, age, muscle mass, diet, physical fitness and lifestyle.

However, not all body fat is created equal. Medically, two types are distinguished.

The subcutaneous fatty tissue (subcutaneous fatty tissue) is located between the skin and muscles and is perceived to a large extent as an aesthetic flaw.

The so-called visceral fat envelops the internal organs and serves as a protective layer, but can pose significant health risks.

Adipose tissue is useful for humans to a certain extent: For example, it protects the organs from mechanical influences and serves the organism as heat protection and energy storage.

However, too much body fat can also be harmful: Adipose tissue is hormonally active, so it influences the endocrine system. The higher the body fat percentages, the greater the risk of negative health consequences.

What Affects Body Fat Percentage?

Various factors influence body fat percentage. These include the following.


Women have a higher body fat percentage compared to men. The tissue is stored in the breasts, hips and buttocks during puberty and serves as an energy reserve during pregnancy and breastfeeding

From about the age of 30, muscle mass decreases continuously. At the same time, the fat content increases. This in turn leads to a reduction in calorie consumption. So if most people continue to eat as they used to and stop exercising, the fat stores fill up.


Body fat percentage also varies depending on whether a person has a lot of muscle or pronounced muscle. Because muscles use more energy. If this is not taken in sufficiently in the form of kilocalories through food (energy deficit), the body falls back on reserves and the fat content falls or remains in the low range.

Determine Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentages can be determined in a number of ways. More complex procedures include:

Dual X-ray absorptionmetry (DEXA) is an X-ray diagnostic method for determining body composition.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) measures body composition using a low-level alternating current passed through the body.

The skinfold thickness measurement with a caliper gauge measures the body fat percentages with special pliers.

Calculate Body Fat Percentages Yourself

If you don’t have admittance to any of the above devices, you can use the YMCA formula to calculate body fat percentages yourself. You will need a tape amount and a calculator.

Body fat percentages (BFA) formulas vary by gender.

For men:

BFA percentage = ((74.11 x waist circumference in cm) – 3482) / weight in kg) – 8.2

For women:

BFA percentage = ((74.11 x waist circumference in cm) – 4464) / weight in kg) – 8.2

Body fats  scales measure body fat percentages using a weak, imperceptible current passed through it

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