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Diet Tonic Water Details

TONIC WATER  – Are you a fan of Gin Tonic? If so, you are not unaccompanied. There are millions of customers today who love a G&T and this amount is growing fast. Just 5 years ago, G&T was an p.m. drink enjoyed by a marginal. Then around 3 or 4 years ago, the number of drinkers choosing G&T started to increase. And today, although the number of people who prefer this drink has increased substantially, the G&T has become a cocktail of choice even during dinner and post-dinner scenes and is therefore not limited to just meetings of brunch.

But do we know how much sugar is in tonic water? You may be surprised to learn that a standard can of tonic water (the yellow one, yes!) has as much darling as your Coke or Pepsi! That’s an incredibly high amount, right? Big soda companies add such high doses of sugar to mask the bitterness of quinine, a key component of tonic water. According to 2019 research, the more sugary drinks consumed, the higher the risk of early demise from cardiovascular illness and cancer, particularly among women.

Belongings Are Varying For The Bettergj’fa

However, tonic water as a group is evolving. Modern premium tonic water makes have identified a way to mask the bitterness of quinine not with excess sugar, but with a perfect combination of small doses of sugar (typically 50% compared to conventional canned tonics) and flavors not artificial. The bitterness of quinine is more protuberant in such tonics (hence the true taste of tonic water), they are much less sweet, and as a result mix well with the fine liquor to which they are added.

We at PEER understand the rank of keeping your blood sugar low. Therefore, on average, we are the lowest calorie tonic water available in the Indian market. We’ve even gone a stage further and industrialized a calorie-free, sugar-free variant of the classic Indian tonic. This sugar-free tonic is suitable for people with diabetes and those who want to cut calories.

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Handcrafted To Perfection

– PEER 0 Cal. Indian Tonic Aquatic is made with the finest ingredients by international flavor experts, resulting in incomparable flavor. On the palate: soft enveloping bitterness without being overwhelming. Finish: Slightly lemony and dry with a well-rounded, bubbly flavor.

Zero Calories Tonic WAter

– Introducing India’s 0 Calorie, 0 Sugar Tonic Water. Also, This calorie-free, sugar-free blender doesn’t compromise on flavor! Let’s avoid sugar and unnecessary calories. Proud to present the lowest calorie tonic on the market.

No Artificial Substances In Tonic Water

– Made without artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavors and with all-natural quinine.

In The Spirit Of Mixing:

The companion for all your drinks, parties and conversations. Clear carbonation, balanced bitterness and subtle aromas. In the spirit of blending, pour over us to enhance any fine liqueur or enjoy neat, they were designed to pair with anything!

Optimal Carbonation –

The necessary carbonation for proper effervescence and effervescence, made possible through a solid glass bottle, along with minimal sweetness and subtle flavors to ensure it enhances any fine spirits you mix PEER Tonic with. Delicious, even if it’s just plain.

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