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The Six Best Steakhouse Zürich

Steakhouse Zürich – Everyone who tracks culinary trends is talking about vegan cuisine and natural wines. Restaurants with meat as a signature dish seemingly fall out of the frame. Nevertheless, the steakhouses are well-visited and advertise with special cuts and dry-aged beef.

Steakhouse Zürich

Steakhouse Zürich offers more than just food. If you want to book a table here, go on an adventure tour, imitate a campfire atmosphere, or feel like Old Shatterhand in the Wild West for two or three hours, like the Gaucho on Argentinian pastures, Grilled meat, not too little, please, plus a red wine with not too little alcohol. Not everyone likes that, so a part of the Zurich gourmet audience would chop off their hands rather than enter a steakhouse zürich.

Others swear by the usually rather rustic atmosphere and are happy when they find meat to take away or a fine cigar selection. So, the Steakhouse Zürich do not have to worry about the future, especially since some are quite old and offer vegan alternatives. However, I did not get ingenious fries in a steakhouse zürich.

Six Zurich Addresses For Good Steakhouse Zürich

Six Zurich Addresses For Good Steakhouse Zürich

1. “Napa Grill”: The Number One

If a restaurant has taken the principle of meat and wine to the extreme, it is this restaurant in the Hürlimann area. I have been a guest here several times and always had to be careful not to spend any financial time. There are so many Californian specialities on the wine list that even collectors can no longer get their mouths.

The steaks are also quickly priced: “Wood meat” is still affordable, but those who want to eat a 60-day matured Porterhouse steak from the Californian cult butcher must dig deep into their pockets. Insider tip: Crab Cake as an appetizer.

2. Smith & de Luma: Wine and Meat

It always seems to have been there, the project created from a cooperation between the wine trade Smith & Smith and the meat producer Luma. Unlike the “Napa Grill,” the USA is not in the foreground in the flesh and oenological point of view. Of course, you can have Wagyu Beef (750 francs per kilogram), but you also serve what does not exist elsewhere: CÃate de Boeuf from Spain.

Vegetarians become quite happy with the Green Mountain burger. Insider tip: On the 3rd Thursday of the month, you can taste big glass drops at Rare Wine Thursday.

3. Simon’s Steakhouse: Dry Aged in the Villabassa

The steakhouse in the Niederdorf, which relies on dry meat and provides the guest with an entry problem, spreads a little South American flair. As in many houses of this gastronomic genre, the appetizers have only an alibi.

Tomato with mozzarella, Caesar Salad, Empanadas. So, equally, reach out to Wagyu burgers or steaks from Argentina and the USA. Vegan steaks are also available. You can omit the desserts. Insider tip: sitting out in the summer!

4. ” Gaucho”: Shop and Restaurant

The concept is anything but self-evident: Steaks can not only eat steaks on the spot but also buy to take away in their shop. If you choose to stay away, you should reserve it and clarify that the menu is small compared to other steakhouses.

Good things! Antipasti recommends that you skip fish to dedicate yourself to the Gaucho beef of the charcoal grill. EntrecÃate or Hosing, Huft or Filet? No matter because homemade Chimichurri is set, the oily herbal season to buy and take away. White drinkers have it here; logically, it’s heavier than red wine fans.

5. Williams Butchers Table: Butcher House Meets Restaurant

Once in Bern, twice in Zurich, always a concept that convinces: special cuts, considerable meat quality, and the opportunity to choose what you want to eat at the butcher’s counter. Nobody buys the cat in the bag here. You can instead choose Hanging Tender or Outside Skirt, so pieces for the real connoisseurs.

You like to accept that the menu was kept tight. It is only a question of whether it is supposed to be a salad or a pawn leg and to the meat frieze or baked potatoes. After all, it has some fine wines and good champagne.

6: Meat Me: Steak, Wine And Cigars

On my last visit to this restaurant, which opened in 2018, the wine list was still being redesigned, and this process has since been completed. It has some recommended things now!

But first and foremost, regular guests probably come because of the open barbecue and because there are also dishes lacking elsewhere in the industry: tuna steak, for example, or New York club steak, not less than 52 days. Insider tip: the smoking area!

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