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Lose Weight Fast: How It Works!

How Can You Lose Weight As Quickly As Possible?

Lose Weight – Being overweight is not just a matter of aesthetics. Too much body fat increases the risk of a number of ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and fatty liver. Above all, the inner abdominal fat (visceral fat) is stored around the organs and produces hormones.

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First of all: It is not likely to lose weight in specific areas of the body, for example on the stomach, legs or thighs. The body takes the energy it needs, which it no longer gets from food, from all its fat deposits. But even if you can’t tackle the “problem areas” directly, it makes sense to reduce excess body fat.

However, there are no shortcuts or tricks to losing weight fast. At least not sustainably and/or scientifically proven. According to the guidelines of the German Obesity Society, a specially adapted diet and regular exercise are still the most effective ways to melt unwanted belly fat.

But what exactly has to be done to make the pounds tumble – and what’s the fastest way to lose weight?

Lose weight fast: tips for the right diet

Diet has the biggest impact on weight loss. However, this does not mean home remedies for fast weight loss such as lemon water, apple cider vinegar or ginger. Some of these can support weight loss. Usually there are only small studies or some on animals.

Basically, effective weight loss is all about balancing energy consumption and intake, or that you use more energy than you take in. And in such a way that neither food cravings nor deficiency symptoms occur. Some tips for losing weight quickly and effectively are:

Keep A Food Diary

In order to lose weight, it makes sense to have a precise overview of what and how much you eat throughout the day. A food diary in which you enter everything you eat and drink, either by hand or via a smartphone app, can help here.

At least one study found a positive association between weight loss and tracking food intake and exercise.

Reduce Short-Chain Carbohydrates

So that you not only lose weight fast, but also in a healthy and sustainable way, it is advisable to reduce the amount of foods with short-chain carbohydrates. On the other hand, you can increase the proportion of protein and fiber-rich foods.

The reason: the body can quickly process short-chain carbohydrates such as those found in sweets, pasta, white rice or wheat-based pastries and convert them into glucose. As a result, he has energy directly available and does not have to fall back on the depots.

To move excess glucose from the blood to stores, the body also releases insulin, which transports the glucose to the depots, where it is stored as fat. As a result, the blood sugar level shoots up and falls just as quickly. The result: cravings.

It is therefore better to use the whole grain version of bread, pasta and co.

Lose Weight Fast With Diet And Appetite Suppressants

There are various prescription and over-the-counter products, such as weight loss pills, designed to help you shed pounds as quickly as possible. This should be done with various ingredients, including for example:


Amphetamines cause the body to release certain substances, such as the stress hormones dopamine and norepinephrine, that affect hunger pangs. Caution: Such appetite suppressants can be addictive!


The colorless substance chitosan can be produced artificially and naturally. In the latter variant, it consists of crab shells. Chitosan is said to bind free fat and thus help with weight loss and/or lower cholesterol levels. However, there is no scientific suggestion for this.

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