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BMI Calculator: What is your Body Mass Index?

BMI Calculator: Do you possibly weigh too much – or is your weight just right? Then, check your body mass index in 10 seconds with our BMI calculator!

What does the result of the BMI calculator say?

The body mass index (BMI) is an indicator for evaluating body weight about height. The BMI tells you whether you are within the health-recommended normal range and can indicate whether you should lose or are underweight.

BMI will calculate by dividing actual weight by height in meters squared. The BMI is the basis for almost every figure check and is often used in connection with diet and nutrition issues and even in a professional context.

Civil servants, such as teachers, in some federal states, are subject to the Body Mass Index.

Your BMI Tells You That

You can easily calculate your personal BMI with our BMI calculator (see above). There are three main categories:

  • A BMI value below 19 indicates underweight,
  • a discount from 19 to 24 indicates a normal and healthy BMI.
  • Values over 25 indicate overweight; according to the BMI scale, one speaks of obesity from 30 – in this case, also called obesity.

BMI calculator women and men: the differences

The optimal BMI also depends on other factors – for example, your gender and your age because a slightly increased body fat percentage is average with increasing age.

The Significance Of The BMI Calculator

However, it should note that BMI is a relative index. Therefore, critical influencing variables such as stature or muscle mass will not consider.

As a result, for example, heavy athletes such as bodybuilders or boxers with a very high muscle mass can achieve a “falsely” high BMI value, which is not a critical result in this case.

The body mass index should be considered a guideline and viewed about physique, sports activities, gender and age. In recent years, it has established itself as a different unit of measurement for evaluating waist circumference.

For example, it is an even more decisive measure of future cardiovascular disease risk. Officially, regardless of age and physical constitution. For men: increased risk with a waist circumference of 94 to 101 centimetres, significantly increased from 102 centimetres.

For women: increased risk between 80 and 87 centimetres waist circumference, significantly increased risk from 88 centimetres.

  • Alternatives to the BMI calculator
  • Waist-to-Height Ratio

One of the most well-known is the waist-to-height ratio, which measures waist size divided by height. should always  measure the circumference of the abdomen in the morning on an empty stomach and a straight, standing position (place the measuring tape tightly just above the navel, pull it tight horizontally around the body, but it must not cut into it.

And These Are The Guidelines:

Up to 40 years old:  under 0.40 = underweight • 0.40-0.50 = normal weight • 0.51-0.56 = overweight • > 0.57 = obese.

Between 40 and 50 years: 0.01 points will add for each additional year of life.

Broca index

  • With the Broca index, the average weight will represent height minus 100.
  • A woman 1.65 meters tall and 65 kilograms in weight, for instance, would be deemed average weight.
  • You can presume that you are overweight if the computed weight is significantly less than your actual weight (e.g. 75 kg at 1.65 m).
  • If you subtract 10% for a man and 20% for a woman from the average weight according to the Broca index, you will get the ideal weight.

Like BMI, the Broca Index has the disadvantage that body composition will not consider.

Conclusion On The Bmi Calculator

The perfect measure to predict whether a certain body weight or shape harms health does not exist today. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to use the BMI because only two values will require for the calculation – this is practical when collecting large amounts of data.

In addition, the BMI is a suitable measure for quickly and easily estimating the general body composition, according to experts from the German Institute for Nutritional Research.

The FIT FOR FUN recommendation: Calculate your BMI and measure your waist circumference – then you will know pretty well whether you should do something for your figure.

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