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Showering Correctly: How Often And How Long?

How often do you shower each day? Then you go to the majority of Germans – according to a study, around 66 percent of Germans shower once a day. From a dermatological point of view, however, this is not necessarily recommended. Because too frequent showering damages the fatty acid protective layer of the skin in the long run. Read here how often it makes sense to shower and how to shower properly without unnecessarily stressing your skin.

Unhealthy Shower Habits Everyone Does

Whether as a pick-me-up in the a.m. after receiving up, as an evening relaxation ritual, for drink after sport or to cool off on hot days – regular showering is a matter of course for most people. And not only india. A look at the statistics shows how popular showering is in Europe.

How Often Indian Shower?

– around 84 percent of the population showers at least once a day. With 66 percent, the indians are also far ahead here. Italians and Belgians bring up the rear with 57 percent.

Incidentally, in this country people like to shower warm (80 percent) and in the morning (49 percent). And that for an average of eleven minutes.

Attack on the skin’s natural protective shield

From the point of view of the experts, these showering habits are not without risk. Because when you shower, you not only remove dirt and sweat particles from your skin. If you shower every day, you can permanently destroy the skin’s natural fatty acid protective layer (hypolipid film). This normally forms a usual barrier on the skin and protects it from moisture loss and the penetration of pollutants and pathogens.

If you shower too often, the water repeatedly strips the skin of its natural oils and dries it out permanently. The skin often reacts with redness and itching. In the long run, frequent showering can even lead to so-called wear and tear eczema.

How Often To Shower, How Long To Shower?

Proper shower, but how? Adults, but also children, often shower too often and for too long. You certainly don’t have to limit by hand to one shower a week. Experts agree on how often showering is harmless from a dermatological point of view: Two to three times a week is ideal.

Of course, you can clean particularly sweaty and odor-intensive body regions such as feet, armpits and the intimate area every day. However, preferably not in the bath, but with a washcloth, water and a mild, pH-neutral soap.

But cleaning is not always the goal when you reach for the shower head: How often do we shower for the sheer joy of tingling refreshment or to warm ourselves up in winter? In such cases, you should at least limit the duration and avoid using cleaning products that also degrease the skin. Dermatologists always recommend taking a quick shower: seven to 10 minutes is ideal.

Shower With Water Only? Showering Correctly

How long and how often you should shower are not the only questions on this topic. It is also important: What should you ideally shower with? Is water alone enough?

In fact, there are people who consciously do without shower gel and soap in order to stress their skin as little as possible. But pouring without shower gel is certainly not for everyone.

Hot Shower? Showering Correctly

Dermatologists generally recommend not to shower too hot. Hot water attacks the skin’s natural fatty acid protective layer more than cooler water. It is best to shower lukewarm with a water temperature of around 36 degrees.

If you follow these rules when showering, you will effectively protect your skin. But how often do we shower without really thinking about it? The best thing you can do is realize that every shower takes a toll on your skin.

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