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BRIGITTE Academy Starts “What The Finance?”

Finance – Many women want financial independence and a clearer view of their own provision. But how and where is the best place to start in the complicated financial jungle? The new BRIGITTE Academy podcast “What The Finance?” pursues this question and explains topics such as retirement planning, financial independence, stocks, ETFs and bitcoins in a simple way in each episode.

Every two weeks, BRIGITTE editor Anissa Brinkhoff (30), who describes herself as a financial layperson, talks to various experts and learns everything about a specific financial topic from them. The episodes build on each other chronologically – from introductory topics such as different account models to more complex content such as bitcoins. The new podcast takes you step-by-step through the world of finance and aims to motivate women to take their financial provision into their own hands.


Anna van Koetsveld, head of the BRIGITTE Academy: “We are very pleased that we now also have a podcast in the BRIGITTE Academy portfolio. As the name “What The Finance?” indicates that the topic is not very popular – but in times of uncertain pension developments, women in particular cannot avoid dealing with their finances at an early stage. With the help of our podcast, we make the complex topic more accessible and want to encourage listeners to approach the topic with confidence.”

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