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West Creek Financial is a retail financing provider. It uses big data to maximize approval rates and technology to streamline the application process. The Company provides its merchants with a web application, free promotional graphics, targeted advertising and trading service.

About West Creek Finances

West Creek’s desire to make a real difference in underserved financing affects everyone we work with, from retailers and customers to employees and investors.

We use the latest technology and artificial intelligence to give our reseller partners an edge to get more approvals and increase sales. Plus, our quick and easy loan application and approval means customers get what they want, when they want it.

All of this is embedded in our commitment to transparency and our commitment to superior service.

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West Creek Financial Summary

Foundation year



Richmond, United States

business phase

A series

full funding

$56 million

Last round of financing

Undisclosed conventional debt, February 15, 2021

est Creek Financial Founder

Rob Finnegan, Co-Founder and CEO

Boomer Muth, co-founder

West Creeks Financial For Unfair And Fraudulent Rental-Purchase Practices

NEW YORK, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On Tuesday, customer defense law firm Schlanger Law Group LLP filed a class action lawsuit against West Creek Financial, Inc. in the US District Court for the District Eastern New York. The lawsuit alleges that West Creek entered into deceptive, unfair, and defective leases and violated New York City law in the financing and administration of leases.

Said plaintiff, Rawle Daisley, agreed to finance an Electronics For Best laptop and speakers in 2017. Mr. Daisley alleges that though he did not sign any papers with defendant West Creek Financial, the company shortly thereafter began debiting his bank account in connection with with the purchase.

The lawsuit alleges that West Creek, in its dealings with Mr. Daisley and thousands of other like-minded consumers, violated Section 501 of the New York Private Property Law (dealing with installment purchase transactions) and Section 349 of the New York General Business Law (prohibiting deceptive conduct in consumer transactions) in a variety of ways including:

failing to inform consumers of their practical rights as required by law;

Using a non-Section 504 payment formula that disadvantages consumers;

Failure to provide receipts for periodic Section 504(1) payments as usual;

failing to provide a section 501(12) early call option chart;

Not disclosing your Section 504(b) maintenance and repair or replacement obligations and using a form agreement that imposes those maintenance obligations on the consumer; Y

Failure to include necessary provisions in your contract that advise the consumer of the right to inspect the contract up to 48 hours before signing

The complaint also seeks an annulment based on West Creek’s allegations of misrepresentation, concealment, secrecy, and deception.

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