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How does my child learn the clock?

Clock – Bright or analogue children’s watch and how do I introduce my child to the topic of time?

I know I wore a children’s watch from a very young age. I remember it well because I had it on my arms day and night and very rarely took it off. For me, today is unthinkable. But I can’t say how old I was then. Maybe eight years? Or is it already twelve?

The topic of time is necessary for kindergarten children. All children are interested in things from the adult world. So they felt taken seriously and empowered when they had a say in something as important as telling the time. But, of course, they don’t yet have a sense of time like adults do.

Theme Clock In Everyday Life

However, we can involve children in structuring the day. It is how we train the understanding of time and the reading of times:

We get up at seven o’clock.

At one o’clock we have lunch, and at half past seven we go to bed.

How do I introduce my Child to the Topic of Time?

Learning through play should always be in the foreground at home, especially with children who are not yet at school. Of course, how intensively a child deals with an object and how many questions it asks is entirely up to the child! But I can pay attention to how I respond to my child’s questions:

  • Do I involve my child when it comes to “time issues”?
  • Do I choose the understandable language?
  • Do I have the patience to answer questions?
  • Children’s clock for kindergarten

A first entry into the world of the time is offering a time-learning watch whose hands can turn hands, such as They have an analogue dial with precise numbers and hour/minute hands that can adjust. Much knowledge is imparted by readjusting the time and naming the entire hour.

Daniela Kulut ‘s recently published picture book “How much time is it?” with an integrated rotary clock also offers many learning opportunities in rhyme about the daily routine (age: 3 to 6 years). This book makes learning fun with clever rhymes and funny pictures. Both Munster boys love Daniela Kulut’s books.

Children’s Watch For Preschool?

For five-year-olds, “revolving clocks” are often uninteresting. My son, now a preschooler, has asked for a genuine watch several times. Anyone with an old look that will no longer use can lend it to their child. You can buy a children’s eye if you are still interested in your wristwatch.

The market offers many possibilities. There is almost everything, from the classic analogue watch to the sporty digital look to the smartwatch for children. In addition, it will advertise with “time learning clocks” with a unique dial that is supposed to make reading easier.

Analogue Children’s Watch

The dial of an analogue watch should not be overloaded, and the clock should have a certain quality overall. It would be a shame if the eye broke after three days of use or if you had to keep resetting it because it wasn’t accurate.

An hour and minute hands should be easily distinguishable; if there is a second hand, I also have a stopwatch! The dial should clearly show the hours and mark seconds/minutes with dashes.

Manufacturers such as Reflex or Timex offer numerous beautiful and affordable models. Some analogue clocks display times in the 24-hour system. It is a bit early for preschoolers and may overwhelm them.

Digital Children’s Watch

Digital clocks will undoubtedly interest elementary school children from the second grade. It is advantageous if the reading of the analogue clock will already master. We colloquially say, “It’s a quarter past nine”, and not “It’s nine fifteen past”. In elementary school, children learn to read, giving them access to and understanding the other functions.

That leaves the smartwatches for children, which are increasingly conquering the market. Unfortunately, the entry age will give as five years! I recently checked out VTech’s Kidizoom.

My impression was that the time display was very much in the background. It will advertise with a clock-learning function! The main focus here is on video games and multimedia functions. It makes its use in kindergarten and school problematic. It is not without reason that VTech on Amazon states that the Kidizoom should will use under the direct supervision of adults (parents?). In any case, you should discuss with your child that he is not allowed to make audio or video recordings of other people without being asked.

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