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Dark Circles Camouflage: Check Out These Makeup Tricks

Have you ever heard of dark circles camouflage? This method is well known among women seeking to make dark circles more discreet or permanently disappear.

Dark circles are those dark spots that are under the eyes. They are usually brown, but they can also be slightly purple or blue depending on the person’s skin.

Some habits can contribute to emergencies, such as a stormy night’s sleep or excessive tiredness, but dark circles are generally genetic. Therefore, they do not disappear without some specific treatment.

Due to the high blood vessels and melanin concentration in this region of the face, developing dark circles is inevitable for many women.

But calm down! There are ways to minimize the impact of these blemishes, and we will tell you all about dark circles camouflage below!

Oh, and if you want tips on how to take care of the eye area, click here and check out the article we made on this topic.

Dark Circles Camouflage: Understand Which Type Of Procedure Is Right For You

The camouflage of dark circles is a micro-pigmentation done only in the lower part of the eyes (where the spots are). The procedure involves applying a similar tone to the patient’s skin to match the colour of the dark circles with the rest of the face.

It is worth remembering that the method is not definitive! Micropigmentation lasts an average of two to five years, but it can vary according to the severity of dark circles.

It is possible to obtain the desired result in just one session, but some require new applications to achieve the expected tone.

If you are thinking of performing the camouflage of dark circles, the best option is to look for a dermatologist to have the correct diagnosis.

Types Of Dark Circles: Find Out Which One Is Yours

As we have already mentioned, dark circles can be of genetic origin or appear on the skin for reasons such as a stormy night’s sleep or excessive tiredness.

That way, the appearance of dark circles will not always be the same in all people. There are three types of stains, and each cause has a specific treatment. Check out:

1. False Dark Circles

Some people have more bottomless eyes that form a shadow on the lower part of the eyes.

In this case, the most appropriate procedure is filling with hyaluronic acid to give more volume to the lower eyelid and prevent this shadow from happening.

2. Pigmented Dark Circles

The pigmentation of the skin in this part of the eyes can change for several reasons: sun exposure, ageing or inflammation. When this happens, dark circles appear with a color pulled to brown due to excess melanin.

To improve the appearance of blemishes, it is recommended to use sunscreen daily (even to stay at home), whitening creams and, ultimately, lasers (depending on the severity of the dark circles).

3. Vascular Dark Circles

Do you know when dark circles have a purplish colour?

This happens because of the large number of blood vessels in this region of the eyes, and the increase in stains can occur due to fatigue, allergies (such as rhinitis and sinusitis, for example), and the use of some medications. Whitening and lasers are the recommended procedures for this type of dark circle.

Makeup Tips To Lighten Dark Circles

Not all people with dark circle need to resort to a procedure like micro pigmentation, especially if the spots are light and superficial.

In cases where dark circles are not genetic, some makeup tricks can help improve the appearance of the skin. Check out.

1. Don’t Forget The Concealer

The concealer is essential for anyone who wants to cover up their dark circles. It has this name precisely because it corrects any flaw on the face, especially in skin tone.

The recommended thing is to use a concealer with a lighter shade than the foundation. After evenly applying the product in the eye area, you will already notice a big difference in the dark circles!

Choose The Correct Shade Of Foundation

After prepping your skin and applying the concealer, it’s time to lay the foundation over your face. To ensure your makeup is complete, it’s essential to choose the ideal foundation shade for you.

Make the makeup as natural as possible

The secret of makeup to camouflage dark circles is to make everything as natural as possible. So don’t overdo the concealer or foundation. The same goes for powder, blush and other items in your makeup.

Finally, apply the highlighter to highlight the areas of your choice. In addition to giving that final touch to makeup, the illuminator takes the focus away from dark circles and leaves your face with a glow that makes all the difference.

Now that you know the main procedures and makeup tips for camouflaging dark circles, your face will look even more beautiful.

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