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Blemish Balm Review: The 4 Best BB Creams Of 2022

Blemish Balm

Nivea BB Cream (Price-Performance Winner)

Nivea BB Cream is a 5-in-1 day care. With organic jojoba oil and provitamin B5, it moisturizes the skin and the fine make-up pigments ensure that the BB Cream gives the skin an even complexion. It is suitable for all skin types.

Opacityhigh opacitycare feelingthe skin feels moist and well-groomed all day longcolour “light” is still a bit too dark for pale winter skindurabilitylong durabilitylight protectionSPF 20

Conclusion of the FIT FOR FUN editors:

Clearly our price-performance winner. In our test, the BB Cream from Nivea is one of the inexpensive products and convinces with good results. Even if the nuance is a bit dark for light winter skin, the cream covers blemishes and redness very well, ensures an even complexion and provides the skin with moisture throughout the day. Our skin, which tends to be dry, tolerated the cream very well – without drying out.

Erborian BB Cream (Light & Moisturizing)

Korean cosmetics are currently very trendy. It seems the Koreans have unlocked the secret to clear, even skin. Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, Erborian’s moisturizing BB Cream provides a feather-light, natural-looking complexion to baby’s skin.

OpacityMedium to high opacityCare feelSoft, flawless skin feelColors ensures an even complexionDurabilityMedium holdLight protectionSPF 20

Conclusion of the FIT FOR FUN editors:

Immediately after applying the Erborian BB Cream, we too have the feeling of beautiful, even skin like the Koreans. The BB Cream moisturizes and does not dry out the skin throughout the day. Nevertheless, the skin appears slightly matted and not too shiny. However, there are deductions for the slightly decreasing intensity of the color tone on our skin. But: You can spread the shelf life of the BB Cream with a setting powder.

Rau Cosmetics BB Cream (Long Lasting) Blemish Balm

High-quality natural ingredients without animal testing: That’s what Rau Cosmetics stands for. The BB Cream from Rau cares for the skin with almond oil, beeswax and grape seed oil, zinc and panthenol have an anti-inflammatory effect and minerals and vitamin E ensure natural UV protection.

Opacityhigh opacityCare feelingSkin feels dull and slightly dry Matt, adapts well to the skin toneDurabilityLong durabilityLight protectionNatural UV protection, SPF unknown

Conclusion Of The FIT FOR FUN Editors:

It has a very good opacity and mattifies the skin slightly: the BB Cream from Rau. This makes them perfect for skin types that tend to shine quickly or have oily skin. The BB Cream felt slightly tight on our dry skin, but no visible dry spots formed. We were particularly impressed by how long the cream lasted.

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