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FACIAL CLEANSING: You Should Pay Attention To This

facial cleansing-

The facial skin is the only part of the body that is uncovered all year round. External factors such as the sun or air pollution constantly put them to the test. If you also apply make-up every day, you should not do without a thorough cleansing. Read here for whom facial cleansing is particularly important and how it is particularly effective.

Why Should You Cleanse Your Face?

The skin on the face is much solvent than on the rest of the body and therefore more prone to damage. With facial cleansing you create the basic prerequisite for the right facial care. Only then does it make sense to apply care products such as face cream. Nurturing substances can work better on cleansed skin because they penetrate more easily.

Facial cleansing should be part of your daily routine, especially if your skin produces too much sebum or you use makeup. Otherwise you favor acne or other inflammatory processes on the face. Skin bacteria are involved. These break down sebum and cosmetic residue into substances that can irritate or inflame the skin.

How To Properly Cleanse Your Face

Basically, facial cleansing consists of two steps: cleansing and clarifying. When cleaning, you remove the dirt from your skin with water or a detergent. The subsequent clarification, also called post-cleaning, removes residues of the cleaning agent and any residues from the water. This can be lime, for example. Facial tonic is also said to tone the skin (increase tension in the face) and increase blood circulation. The following instructions give you general assistance for facial cleansing.

Cleansing Of The Skin Of The Face

Remove eye make-up and lipstick beforehand with suitable means.

Apply the cleansing product to your face with small circular movements. You are welcome to gently massage your skin.

Rinse the product with lukewarm water. Especially with dry and sensitive skin, the water used for facial cleansing should not be too hot.

Finally, dry your face with a clean towel, best used on the facial area only.

Clarification Of The Skin Of The Face

Put some toner on a cotton pad.

Rub the pad over your neck and face with normal pressure.

Avoid the skin about the eyes and lips.

Do not rinse the toner with tap water, just let it dry.

Then you can apply your facial care.

Process Of Facial Cleansing

It is best to clean your face in the morning and in the evening. Exactly how you use the Cleanser and Tonic depends on the product. It is best to shadow the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes, for example, an exposure time is recommended. Should you use a terry towel or a microfiber towel? Clean face, neck and décolleté equally? You can find this information under the instructions for use or ask the manufacturer directly how the facial cleansing should work.

Facial Cleansing Products

The large variety of products includes, for example, washing gels, washing emulsions or cleansing milk. Face Tonic is available with or without alcohol. What you use to cleanse your face depends on your skin type and the health of your skin. Talk to your dermatologist about it, he will help you with the choice.

Facial cleansing should always be gentle. This means that you no longer use conventional soaps these days. They dissolve the protective acid mantle, the skin’s natural defense system. Pathogens then have an easy time of it. The experts agree: Syndets are better than soaps. These are synthetic washing substances with which the pH value can be adjusted to the skin. This is how you get the natural protective acid mantle. Make sure that the pH value is around 5.5 and that it contains moisturizing and moisture-regulating substances.

Just Wash Your Face With Water? Facial Cleansing

The facial cleansing dissolves the protective oils of the callus and makes this waterproof barrier more permeable. Moisturizing substances are supposed to return the lost fat to the skin. So why not just wash the skin with water?

In fact, this is now being confirmed by experts. Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus from Dermatologikum Hamburg warns against excessive facial cleansing. According to the dermatologist, washing your face with water in the morning is enough, especially for young skin. However, with demanding mature skin and especially with more stubborn residues such as tinted day cream, facial cleansing with water is not enough. To do this, use the mild cleaning agents described.

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