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Hair Removal: The Best Methods At A Glance

Hair Removal- From epilation and shaving to waxing and laser: the methods of hair removal are diverse and different. Finding the right thing is not always easy – this overview will help you now. Bye Stubble!

1. Shaving

Suitable for normal skin types, unsuitable for sensitive or very dry skin Lasts one to two days Disposable razors cost around 3 euros, gel razors around 10 to 15 euros, electric razors between 20 and 80 euros Pain level zero for normal skin

Shaving is probably the greatest popular hair removal method and is particularly popular for legs, armpits and the intimate area.

With a razor blade or an electric razor you can remove annoying hairs in no time at all. Taking a warm shower beforehand will make this easier as the hair will soften.

Disposable razors are uncomplicated for wet shaving and, in combination with a special shaving foam or shaving gel, ensure smooth skin, but are not particularly sustainable. Razors with an integrated gel cushion are even more practical.

An electric shaver is suitable for dry shaving. Many women use a trimmer in the bikini area to trim pubic hair to an even length instead of shaving it completely.

2. Depilatory Cream

Suitable for non-sensitive skin Lasts about a week Costs between 4 and 30 euros Pain level No pain if the cream is well tolerated

Depilatory cream or gel contain a sulphur-based active ingredient that loosens the hair roots and causes the hair to fall out. Many manufacturers are now covering up the penetrating, pungent smell of the cream.

For hair removal, apply the product generously and let it take effect according to the instructions. Then simply strip off the hair with the enclosed spatula.

Attention: 24 hours before the first application you must test whether you are allergic. Dab some cream on a hairless area (inner forearm) and check for redness or itching. Avoid sunlight the day after the procedure.


Suitable for non-sensitive skin types Lasts up to four weeks depending on the hair structure Costs between 30 and 180 euros Pain intensity depending on the individual pain perception from a slight pulling to real pain

An epilator works with small rotating tweezers on a roller that pulls out the hair at the root. The device, which slowly glides over the legs, takes some getting used to for people who are sensitive to pain.

There are dry and wet epilators, modern models can do both and tighten the skin when plucking, which is less painful. A 90-degree angle is important when using it. Another tip: wet epilation or a warm shower before dry epilation opens the pores so that hair can be removed more easily.

In addition, the hairs need a length of a few millimeters (minimum 0.5 and maximum 5 millimeters) in order to be recognize. It is better to depilate in the evening so that the skin can regenerate overnight. Here you will find our epilator test.


Suitable for pain-loving women and men for smooth skin Lasts four to six weeks Cold wax strips cost between 4 and 10 euros, electrowax sets for warm waxing from 30 euros Costs in the studio for whole legs from 30 euros.

For bikini waxing around 25 euros and for the whole body up to 150 euros pain level high

During waxing, i.e. hair removal with wax, the hair is pulled out against the direction of growth and should be a maximum of five millimeters long. It hurts – whether with warm or cold wax.

It is better to leave warm wax to an experienced beautician, who is ready quickly and really gets to every part of the body. Self-application requires practice in handling and temperature. With a wax warmer, DIY waxing is also possible at home.

Cold wax for the home is available in the form of cold wax strips. They are heat in the hand and pressed onto the area to be depilats. Don’t hesitate to demolish. That only hurts more. There are also special cold wax strips for the face. So – bye bye lady beard!

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