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water color lips- They have always been a beauty ideal and thanks to apps like Instagram and their beauty filters, they have become even more so: full lips. It’s no wonder that more and more women and men, who don’t have it naturally, want to help with all sorts of tricks and cosmetic procedures. Lip fillers with hyaluronic acid, for example, have been experiencing unprecedented hype for several years.

Anyone who is skeptical about this and fears deformed rubber boat lips can now resort to another method: Watercolor Lips or Powder Lips is the name of an innovative treatment that conjures up full lips without intervention. What’s behind it? Find out below!

Beauty Trend 2022: What Is Behind The Treatment For Watercolor Lips?

Admittedly, permanent make-up has not had the best reputation for a long time. After all, the extra-thin eyebrows and dark-lined lips that many women got permanently tattooed in the ’90s are now considered a beauty faux pas that former fans would love to undo. In the meantime, however, the methods and requirements for permanent make-up have changed. Naturalness is the credo!

This is also the case with the Watercolor Lips. This is a technique that intensifies the natural color of the lips. With a kind of pen that has very fine needles, color pigments are worked into the top layer of skin on the lips. This makes them look soft-toned, as if a subtle lipstick has been applied – or painted with watercolor paint. This does not change anything on the facial features, but the lips appear fuller and the entire mouth area appears fresher and more expressive. Even small bumps or scars can be concealed with this technique.

How To Get Watercolored Lips – And How Long Do They Last?

Since watercolor lips do not require any cosmetic surgery, but only permanent make-up, they can be offered in beauty salons, with the treatment taking an average of two to two and a half hours, depending on the complexity. The pain of the treatment is described as slight to almost non-existent. If you have sensitive facial skin, you can request a numbing cream beforehand.

Immediately after the treatment, the result is more intense in colour, the actual color only becomes visible after about three to four weeks of healing. This lasts for varying lengths of time, which depends, among other things, on the metabolism and skin condition of the person being treated. It is also important how the lips are cared for, whether one regularly exposes oneself to the sun or takes medication. The pigmented lips usually last one and a half to three years. However, color touch-ups can be done in between to get the desired shade.

How Much Do Watercolor Lips Cost?

Since permanent make-up is a complex and time-consuming treatment, the costs are not exactly low. The prices vary depending on the complexity, whether with or without a contour, the region and the location of the beauty salon. On average, an initial treatment costs between 400 and 500 euros, with a follow-up treatment there are additional costs of around 150 to 200 euros. Color refreshments are usually cheaper, at least when done in the same studio as the initial treatment.

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