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The Right Care For Dry Hands

Dry Hands

Dry heating air, frequent hand washing, sensitive skin – dry hands have various causes. That’s not pleasant. But: dry hands can be cared for supple again. Read how to do this here.

This helps against dry hands

Almost everyone has dry hands from time to time. Depending on how pronounced it is, it expands. Extremely dry hands can even cause small cracks to form on the cuticles or the skin on the fingers and palms can become scaly.

Dry, cracked hands not only look unsightly, they are also more prone to infection. If the skin contains too little moisture and fat, it does not perform its protective function properly.

The good news: Dry skin on your hands is usually harmless and you don’t have to see a dermatologist right away. This way they stay smooth and supple themselves!


There are creams made specifically for dry hands that will help restore your hands’ skin’s natural moisture levels. An example are products with urea, which binds water very well.

Leave On Overnight

Apply a thick layer of rich care cream to your hands before going to bed, put on cotton gloves or socks and leave on overnight.

Clean Gently

Avoid using conventional soap. It sometimes contains substances that put even more strain on the skin. Instead, use a mild hand detergent and only make the water lukewarm so that the protective skin oils remain intact.


Do not rub hands after washing, just pat dry with a soft towel. On the one hand, you do not burden the irritated skin even more. If, on the other hand, you have used a care product for washing your hands, this stays on the skin better thanks to the dabbing and unfolds its effect.

Avoid Hand Dryers

The hot airflow from the “hand dryer” puts additional strain on dry skin. If possible, also use cloth towels or at least paper towels or toilet paper in public restrooms to pat your hand dry after washing.


With a peeling you remove dead skin cells. You can either buy ready-made hand scrubs or mix some olive oil with coarse-grained salt and massage your hands with it. Apply lotion to hands after washing.

Home Remedies For Dry Hands

Try the following home remedies to get rid of dry hand:

Hand baths with buttermilk or oatmeal, each mixed with olive oil, are beneficial for dry skin. Place your hands in a bowl with the liquid and leave them in for five minutes.

If you like, you can use certain oils such as olive or coconut oil as an alternative to hand cream.

If you have sensitive or very dry skin, rub your hand with petroleum jelly as it protects against moisture loss without irritating the skin.

Dry Hands: Causes

Dry hand can have various causes. The most common are:


Many people’s hand get dry, especially in winter. The cold outside, the warmth of the indoor heating and dry air are responsible for this. This makes it harder for the skin to retain moisture.

Environmental influences:

People who frequently have to wash their hand and/or use disinfectants at work often struggle with dry hand – for example nurses and doctors. But even those who often have to deal with water, soap, chemicals and hot air tend to have dry hand. This includes hairdressers.


: Illnesses such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis manifest themselves in dry, scaly skin – including on the hand. But also diabetes, the autoimmune disease lupus and diseases in general that impair blood circulation cause dry hand.

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