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These Hairstyle Trends Ensure A Youthful Appearance

1st Hairstyle Trend For A Youthful Look: Medium-Length Hair

Hairstyle- The older you get, the shorter should your hair be? No! This rejuvenating formula has long since turned out to be a myth. If you have long hair, a short hairstyle can quickly look out of place and completely transform your personality. A hair length that actually suits every age group is medium length hair. Embrace hairstyle trends that end just above the shoulder or just below. This accentuates the most important features of the face and lengthens the neck. With layers you create additional volume and thus ensure a young and fresh look.

Hairstyles Trend For A Youthful Look: Bangs And Soft Layers Around The Eyes

A trick that always works: Soft ’70s bangs that make the eyes appear more open. Layers around the eyes draw attention to your face beautifully and act like a soft focus. Danger! Bangs that are too high and straight can look very harsh and reverse the rejuvenation effect. Incidentally, curly hair is particularly suitable for this type of rejuvenation.

Hairstyle Trend For A Youthful Look: Short But With Volume At The Nape Of The Neck

Short haircuts always look rejuvenating? Not quite. Make sure that hairstyles like a bob or a pixie cut always have extra volume at the nape of the neck, which ensures a youthful and particularly cheeky look. Classic bob hairstyles that are cut diagonally and shorter at the nape of the neck, for example, also help finer hair to have more structure and volume at the back of the head. A pixie is a great way to work with layers at the nape of the neck.

 Hairstyles Trend For A Youthful Look: Long And Shiny

If there’s one thing we can learn from top model Naomi Campbell (52!), it’s her hair styling. Because her long, shiny mane looks like a makeover for her head. The gentle shine effect makes your hair look fresh and youthful. Of course, this also affects their overall appearance. Shiny, long hair is a wonderful anti-aging hairstyle that we can recommend.

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