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Pampering Program For Beautiful Feet-winter care

Tip 1 Keep Your Feet Clean

Healthy feet are clean feet, so you should wash them daily. Clean them thoroughly with products like donkey milk soap. But don’t stay in the bathroom too long and dry your feet thoroughly. On the feet and especially between the toes, moist skin can promote athlete’s foot or warts.

Tip 2 Keep Your Feet Hydrated

The skin on your feet is particularly thick and has fewer oil glands than, for example, your face, which is why your feet often get dry. Therefore, it is important to keep them hydrated every day. Opt for nourishing, moisturizing ingredients like argan oil or sweet almond oil. If your feet are very rough, shea or other plant-based butters can help. With special foot scrapers, you can remove hard skin more easily and keep your feet velvety soft.

Tip 3 Treat Your Feet To A Scrub

Exfoliate your feet while they’re damp, paying special attention to rough areas like your heels. A peeling removes dead skin cells, which makes it difficult for bacteria to multiply. They also counteract unpleasant foot odor.

Tip 4 Massage

Foot massages are one of life’s utmost pleasures, so keep your feet in good shape by massaging them daily. The ideal moment is when you apply a foot cream. The blood circulation is stimulated and your feet are wonderfully relaxed afterwards. Massage the cream in circular movements from toes to heels. For a particularly stimulating effect, apply pressure with your thumbs during the massage.

Tip 5 Use A Foot Mask

Our feet long for loving care just like our hands or our face! So use a repairing foot mask once a week to deeply hydrate the skin. In this way, nourishing ingredients can also penetrate deeper into the skin and give your feets a supple feeling.

Tip 6 Move Your Feet

By moving your feets, you can improve your overall posture. To do this, place your toes on a tennis ball. Bring your other foot to the same height. Keep your heel on the ground. Spread your toes and then tuck them in. Repeat this 10-20 times.

Tip 7 Wear The Right Shoes

Put your high heels back in the shoe closet and pull out warm socks and comfortable shoes. Wear thick, absorbent socks in winter – natural cotton is a good choice here.

Tip 8th Keep Warm

Our feets need to be comfortable in winter, so treat them to a warming foot cream or use essential oils to stimulate circulation.

Remove Calluses

Exfoliating eliminates dead skin cells and makes your feets much softer, but the stubborn calluses remain. Why? Standing for a long time or shoes that are too tight are the causes of calluses on the feets – this is not only uncomfortable, but also doesn’t look nice. Attention: planes and scissors are taboo in foot care! Gently rub heel roughness and calluses with a pumice stone or fine callus file to soften them.

Moisture Kick

After the hard skin has been detached, the feets should be washed and then creamed with a thick special oily foot cream. For ice feets: special essential oils from clove, cinnamon leaf and ginger stimulate the blood circulation. Tip: Cover your feets with a towel after applying lotion. Then massage in the rest.

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