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Understand the importance of Exfoliating Your Lips

exfoliating your lips: It’s not just in winter that lips get dry and need special attention. To avoid a chapped, sensitive mouth full of “fur” and even deeper bruises, exfoliating your lips should also be part of the self-care routine.

Whether with specific products or homemade recipes, lip scrubs help keep your lips healthy and provide a better-groomed and beautiful appearance.

If you’re doing everything you can to take care of your lips and still can’t get the desired result, exfoliation may be missing – and including this practice in your everyday life is much easier than you might think!

Why exfoliating your lips? How to make it?

Exfoliating the skin is a prevalent practice that provides a series of benefits to the body, from a “newer” appearance of the skin to that pleasant feeling of well-being.

This does not happen by chance; with a lip scrub, the process is also quite similar. Exfoliation is a technique that removes dead cells and stimulates the production of new ones, renewing the skin.

Do you know that feeling of having seemingly younger and smoother skin? So it’s not just an apparent sensation: this is the natural result of exfoliation!

Why are lips dry?

The mucosa of the lips is susceptible and can suffer alterations with any temperature change. In extreme heat, during winter or in periods of low humidity, the lips need even more hydration. In addition, using some medications can also contribute to a drier, flakier mouth.

To avoid making the situation worse, avoid trying to remove the fur with your mouth or fingernail, and don’t keep running your tongue over your lips, as the pH of saliva is acidic and can irritate the skin even more.

To return the texture and natural appearance of the lips, it is essential to maintain good hydration, drink plenty of water during the day and have a healthy diet, in addition to exfoliating the mouth frequently (at most once a week) to prevent dryness and contribute to well-groomed and hydrated lips.

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Benefits of exfoliating your lips

  1. renews the cells of the place where the procedure was performed
  2. stimulates the growth of new healthy cells
  3. contributes to more hydrated skin, preventing dryness
  4. leaves the skin smoother, softer and smoother
  5. stimulates blood circulation and evening skin tone
  • helps in the elimination of toxins and impurities.

How to exfoliating your lips

You can already tell that lip scrub is essential to maintain hydration in this region and stimulate the formation of new and healthy cells, right? But exfoliating the lips can also work wonders in makeup: a well-hydrated mouth sets lipstick better, especially matte ones.

If you like more practicality in your daily life, there are options for exfoliating lipsticks: you need to apply a little on your lips, wash, and that’s it; the exfoliation is done.

But if you always like to have some easy beauty recipes up your sleeve, take a look at this tip on how to make a natural exfoliator at home:

Homemade natural scrub recipe

You will need only two ingredients from your kitchen: sugar and honey. Place a dessert spoon of sugar and another of love in a container. Mix well, and if needed, add a little more honey.

Take some of the mixtures with your fingers and spread them on your lips. Make circular movements and massage gently so as not to hurt. Then wash, and that’s it; your lip is exfoliated and renewed!

Oh, and after exfoliation, don’t forget to moisturize your lips with a specific lip balm or a neutral skin cream.

Speaking of which, is your skin hydration up to date? Click here and check out our tips for always having well hydrated and healthy skin.

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